Lumoral Products in a Bathroom

Koite Health boosts presence in Scandinavia; signs Lumoral® deal with Danish medical and dentistry product distributor

Koite Health Oy has signed a distribution agreement with a Danish distributor of specialized dentistry products in the tissue regenerative and surgical fields, such as dental implantology.

Koite Health Expands in the Baltics; Signs Lumoral Agreement with Estonian dentistry product distributor

Finnish health technology company Koite Health Oy has signed a distribution accord in March with Medshop OÜ, an Estonian distributor of premium quality dentistry products such as implantology and teeth whitening systems.

Dental Warehouse

Koite Health Signs Lumoral® Deal with Dental Warehouse – UK’s leading distribution and fulfillment warehouse

Finnish health technology company Koite Health Oy has signed a distribution agreement with Dental Warehouse Ltd. of the UK.

Lumoral, smoking and oral health

Smoking is a Risk to Oral Health – all forms of tobacco are equally harmful

Smoking is one of the biggest threats to public health, killing more than 8 million people yearly. Tobacco’s nicotine is also a significant risk to oral health that makes it difficult to treat and detect serious gum diseases at their early stages.

Top athlete and oral health

Healthy Mouth Supports Top Athletes’ Performance and Sports Goals

Research shows a direct link between oral health and sports performance. Here’s a look into the oral-systemic challenges they face and how oral health affects sports performance.

Vegetarian food

The Vegetarian Dilemma – A Diet Healthy for the Body, but Challenging for Oral Health

A diet rich in vegetables, berries, and fruit is healthy for the body because of its vitamin and trace element content, but it is also known to cause dental erosion due to its acidity.

Seafarer with a helmet offshore

Seafarers and Good Oral Health – an essential but often challenging combo

The seafarer’s role in the maritime industry is highly crucial. However, maritime work can be physically and mentally challenging and threaten seafarers’ general and oral health.

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