Better Health Brought by Light

Koite Health is a quickly growing health technology company and innovator in light-activated antibacterial solutions for treating and preventing oral diseases.

About the company

Koite Health is a growth-oriented health technology company with innovations that treat oral infections, promote preventive oral health, and improve patients’ health and quality of life.

Koite Health has developed and commercially launched Lumoral®, an advanced and patented medical device that treats and prevents oral diseases. Lumoral has a rapidly growing and satisfied customer base.

Lumoral’s patented LED light technology combined with the light-activated, antibacterial Lumorinse mouthwash, effectively and safely removes bacteria from the surface of the teeth and gums. The light-activated antibacterial method is well-known in dentistry and scientifically proven.

Our KOITE® technology platform

Our technology platform is scalable and allows us to expand our business to other local infections, such as skin infections. In the future, we want to be a global technology leader in photoactivated antibacterial therapies. With our advanced technology, we significantly reduce the need for antibiotics in healthcare. A top team implements our growth strategy with deep interdisciplinary expertise and strong evidence of global success in the health technology business.


We improve health and quality of life with light-activated medical solutions.


We are an innovator and global technology leader in photoactivated antibacterial therapies. With our advanced technology, we want to reduce the need for antibiotics in healthcare significantly.


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Our Approach

The market in which we operate is large and global. We are targeting the dental disease treatment and oral health care market estimated at €470 billion. In the oral health market, we are focusing on gum disease treatment and cavity prevention, with a SAM (Serviceable Available Market) of €8.4B and SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market) of €0.84B.

Our growth is supported by global megatrends such as an aging and growing population. Healthcare trends, such as antibiotic resistance, increased prevalence of diabetes, and pressures to reduce public healthcare costs, create a need for the more efficient utilization of the healthcare system and improved preventive oral self-care. In addition to oral health care, the potential of light-activated antibacterial treatments helps reduce the use of antibiotics and prevent the worldwide spread of antibiotic resistance.

Our business model is based on the sales of Lumoral startup boxes and recurring revenues from the mouthwash consumables.

Our oral care products were initially launched in Finland in 2020, and in 2022 we opened the Nordic market. In 2023, we will expand to other European countries.

Our scalable business model makes it possible to quickly launch sales to new geographic markets without requiring significant investments. With our KOITE® technology platform, we can later expand to other product areas that include infection treatments, such as skin infections.

Our growth is supported by global megatrends such as population growth and aging. Healthcare trends, such as increase in antibiotic resistance, prevalence of diabetes and increasing number of dental implants increase the importance of home-care and more efficient self care solutions. Aging population increases public health care spending, while governments face pressures to reduce healthcare costs without impacting quality or access to care. Funding challenges create a need for more efficient utilization of the health care system and innovative medical solutions.

Koite Health is an investment with significant international growth potential. Our goal is to strongly increase our shareholder value.

1. We are a growth-oriented health technology company

2. We operate in large, existing global markets

3. We offer a high-quality, highly patented Lumoral® product

4. Lumoral’s well-known photoactivatable antibacterial method has professional approval and solid scientific evidence

5. We have a growing customer base and strong support from experts

6. In addition to revenue-generating product sales, we offer a predictable and stable continuous revenue stream from Lumorinse Mouthwash

7. We offer a scalable business model and technology platform

8. Koite Health’s fast-pace growth strategy is implemented by a high-level team of professionals with deep multidisciplinary expertise


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