Finnish health medium for doctors and medical professionals in the pharmaceuticals sector, Mediuutiset, features Koite Health innovation and interviews Tommi Pätilä.

A Finnish cardiac surgeon created a mouth rinse to protect the teeth as his side project.

Elina Heino, Mediuutiset journalist, describes the innovation behind the scientific project that lead to the founding of the Koite Health Oy.

She presents the core of the innovation as the mouth wash that has the ability to remove the decay-causing Streptococcus Mutans bacterium on the surface of the teeth. However, the bacterial flora of the mouth remains diverse, so that only the desired bacteria are affected.

Mouth rinse is activated only by light, and the light is brought to the mouth with a light activator. 

Tommi Pätilä emphasizes, that at the core of the oral health is still good oral hygiene, that is performed regularly. At some cases, however, it does not prevent oral infections such as dental decay and severe gingival infection, leading to periodontic disease. Affected people can be for example persons with an aggressive strain of oral bacteria, people with a general disease, or problems like rheumatism, to whom oral hygiene can be difficult to perform.

The article is in Finnish, you can read it an article in Finnish here. Unfortunately, the medium has a payment wall.

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