Koite Health’s technology is an effective solution against bacteria for long term use. It is safe, effective and there is no antibiotic resistance formation. Koite Health’s Lumoral is a CE-marked medical device.

Oral health is a cornerstone of good health. Most of the oral diseases are caused by bacteria.


Over 60-90% of school-age children and nearly 100% of adults have or have had dental decay


Around the world, the occurrence of severe periodontitis (gum disease) is 11.2 %, which has remained at the same level since 1990.


74% of adults suffer from gingivitis, and 21% have deep gum pockets.


Peri-implant mucositis occurs in 43% of patients after surgery. And, more severe peri-implantitis occurs in 22% of patients post-surgery.

An image from a scanning electron microscope show bristles from a used toothbrush covered in dental plaque © SPL / Barcroft Media

Biofilm bacterial control is extremely challenging

The challenge is that in a biofilm, a matrix of polysaccharides produced by the bacteria protects microbes from external damage. Almost all antibacterial treatments are ineffective.

Use of antibiotics is impractical due to resistance formation. Mouth rinses even show a cross-resistance formation against the last-resort antibiotic, Cholistin.
Continuous use of the gold standard antiseptic Chlorhexidine causes dental discoloring, taste change and a reduced immune response.
Maintaining normal bacterial flora is important for health. Disruption in the flora increases the risk of illness. Eliminate bacteria only at tooth level and let normal flora flourish.

Koite outperforms all other antibacterial treatments for biofilm control

Koite utilized dual-wave Dual-Wave PDT, which surpasses traditional aPDT and antibacterial Blue light in antibacterial effectivity against dental pathogens in biofilms. Groundbreaking studies have been published. In the PDT method, an inert active substance is placed on a target area, followed by light activation.


Koite focuses on the treatment of periodontitis

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tooth’s supporting tissue, which is practically due to a lack of oral hygiene. It is caused by bacteria living in the mouth that form plaque and tartar and irritates the tissue. The first symptoms are bleeding gums, but the disease is insidious and often almost asymptomatic: it gradually removes teeth from the mouth.

Oral pathogens are linked with systemic diseases

Oral bacteria can enter into the blood stream and effect overall health. Gingival disorders are associated with the development and worsening of several chronic conditions. These diseases include cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, rheumatism and diabetes. 

Introducing Lumoral®: A proprietary antibacterial prophylaxis

  • •a CE-marked medical device.

    •Eliminates harmful plaque bacteria
  • Significantly more effective than mechanical cleansing alone.
  • No resistance formation. 
  • Whitening effect instead of staining.
  • For continuous use with sustaining efficacy.
Enhance good dental hygiene using powerful Lumoral® method

Lumoral ® uses a Photodynamic Therapy based method where specific wavelengths of light activate a photosensitizer. In the presence of oxygen, this creates a reaction that kills harmful bacteria. Our photosensitizer adheres to dental plaque, and the method is highly effective against the most harmful Streptococcus species on the surface of teeth. It also reduces colonies of bacterial species known to cause periodontitis (gum disease), the most common cause of tooth loss among adults. Because the action is localized to teeth only, normal flora is preserved in other parts of the mouth.


Koite Health is granted an ISO 13485 certification to design, develop and manufacture its antibacterial medical devices. Their intended use is the prevention and treatment of oral diseases and bacterial infections. ISO 13485 is the international quality management system standard for the design and production of medical devices. Koite Health is also ISO 9001 certified. Lumoral a class I medical device for prevention of oral diseases and is granted a CE marking. The product meets all relevant European Medical Device Directives.