Lumoral Products in a Bathroom

Why Invest in Koite Health:

Koite Health is an investment with significant international growth potential.
Our goal is to strongly increase our shareholder value, while offering new treatment solutions for medical professionals and high-quality products to our consumer customers.

– Lumoral® is a unique, revolutionary dental treatment innovation

– scientifically proven, protected by 7 patents
– fast-growing, loyal customer base and strong support from the experts
– now growing internationally with carefully selected local distribution partners

– experienced leadership team

– recurring revenue model for Lumorinse®
– Lumoral® has been approved as a medical device in the EU, Switzerland, Great Britain

– FDA process for the US market entry has been initiated
– a dozen clinical trials for new treatment areas on the way


Sakari Nikinmaa

Sakari Nikinmaa
CEO of Koite Health
Co-Founder, Board Member

Lumoral is an effective and sustainable solution for bacteria-caused dental illnesses

“Koite Health was founded to respond to the growing need for new treatment solutions against bacteria-based dental illnesses. In the EU, 51% of adults suffer from various bacteria-based oral diseases and worldwide they impact more than one billion people.  



We launched Lumoral in 2020 and it is the first antibacterial photodynamic treatment for home use.  Three years later, Lumoral has more than 10,000 users and more than 30,000 treatments per month.  



This year Lumoral has been launched in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Great Britain, and there are several other new international markets on the way, including France, Poland, Portugal and the USA. 



We are now raising growth capital to support the international rollout of Lumoral and to support the continuing research and clinical studies for new treatment areas with the Lumoral technology” 


Business model

Koite Health focuses on product development, clinical trials with academic partners and the production of clinical proof for new treatment areas for the Lumoral method – as well as the distribution at the home markets.


Koite Health handles the marketing and distribution of Lumoral products in our home markets – Finland and Sweden. Products are marketed and promoted through dental professionals and directly to consumers.



Outside Finland and Sweden, Lumoral will be marketed and distributed by local distribution partners, which already have existing workforce and networks to distribute oral care products to dental professionals and consumers. These carefully selected partners sign exclusive agreements on their market(s) and bear all the costs for the launch and promotions. 



At each new market, Lumoral is first marketed and promoted through dental professionals and the scientific community/key opinion leaders. At a later stage there will also be some level of consumer marketing and campaigns.



Koite Health earns revenues on the sales of Lumoral Starter Kits and recurring revenues on the sale of Lumorinse tablets, that are an essential component of of the treatment. 

The Global Economic Impact of Dental Diseases

The Market


80% of adult population has prevalence of gingivitis. 

50% of over 30 year old adults have some form of periodontal disease.  

>20m dental implants placed per year and 20% of patients face some level of infection complications.  

+1000m people suffer from severe gum disease (periodontitis).


> €8.4b addressable market for Lumoral in prevention and treatment of severe periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

€10b addressable: The market for Lumoral in improvement of oral hygiene (electric toothbrush and mouthwash market).

– No new solutions or innovations for oral hygiene and dental plaque control in the last 50 years

Investment round 2023 is soon open.

Introducing Lumoral®: A proprietary antibacterial prophylaxis

  • Kills harmful bacteria. 
  • Significantly more effective than mechanical cleansing alone.
  • No resistance formation. 
  • Whitening effect instead of staining.
  • For continuous use with sustaining efficacy.
Enhance good dental hygiene using powerful Lumoral® method

Lumoral ® uses Photodynamic Therapy based method where specific wavelengths of light activate a photosensitizer. In the presence of oxygen, this creates a reaction that kills harmful bacteria. Our photosensitizer adheres to dental plaque, and the method is highly effective against the most harmful Streptococcus species on the surface of teeth. It also reduces colonies of bacterial species known to cause periodontitis (gum disease), the most common cause of tooth loss among adults. Because the action is localized to teeth only, normal flora is preserved in other parts of the mouth.