The New Lumoral Mobile Application Motivates to Elevate Oral Health to a Whole New Level

Health technology company Koite Health and technology company Reaktor have together developed a new mobile application supporting oral health, the Lumoral app. The application assists users in maintaining sustainable oral care practices, aiming to seamlessly integrate modern technology into the daily oral hygiene routines of Lumoral users.


Lumoral is a Finnish dental innovation that effectively and comprehensively removes harmful mouth bacteria through a light-activated mouth rinse. With the new application, users of the Lumoral method can establish new and enduring dental care routines, which help to motivate regular Lumoral usage for the benefit of oral health.


“The effectiveness of Lumoral treatment is parallel to the user’s treatment frequency. For this reason, we want to facilitate our users in building their own Lumoral routine. The Lumoral app enables easy and automated ordering of Lumorinse tablets and the creation of a personalized Lumoral usage routine with reminders. The application also enables tracking of one’s own oral health development and Lumoral device usage history,” says Sakari Nikinmaa, CEO of Koite Health Oy.


The free Lumoral app includes, among other features, a customized Lumoral coaching program, an intelligent calendar, reminders, and a statistics page for monitoring oral health progress. Through the app, users can also collect usage data, which can help track the improvement of their oral health.


“Understanding the Lumoral device and users’ needs was essential when we embarked on developing the Lumoral app together. Extensive testing and research phases provided valuable insights, guiding the creation of an intuitive user experience,” says Marko Sibakov, Business Director of Reaktor Health.


We paid special attention to simplifying the ordering of Lumorinse tablets. Now you can easily purchase them from the app’s own store.


Collaboration with Reaktor ensured that the vision of the Lumoral app was seamlessly aligned with user needs.


“This is Koite Health’s first digital product, and we wanted to choose the best partner to realize it. Reaktor’s international expert team and customer-centric approach helped create a first-class solution. We are excited and listening closely to how the Lumoral family receives the new app,” comments Pekka Ruuska, Marketing Director of Koite Health Oy.


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CEO, Koite Health

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Koite Health

Koite Health is a Finnish health technology company whose double-light-based innovation has revolutionized Finnish oral health care. The company’s expert team consists of experienced doctors and technology professionals. The company’s founders Sakari Nikinmaa, Tommi Pätilä, and Juha Rantala established Koite Health in September 2018 as part of significant medical innovation commercialization projects funded by Business Finland and Aalto University. Koite Health was named one of Europe’s top health technology companies in the Tech Tour 22 competition.

The Lumoral developed by the company is a dental cleaning device used in addition to regular tooth brushing. The device is suitable for everyone but is particularly important for those with cavities or gum inflammation. Lumoral has been scientifically developed, and its antibacterial efficacy has been well established. Lumoral is a Class II medical device and CE certified.


Reaktor is a technology company that designs and builds leading digital products and services in collaboration with its clients. Founded in 2000, the company has 700 employees and offices in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, New York, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Stockholm, and Tokyo. Its clients include brands such as Adidas, HBO, Supercell, Cathay Pacific, and KONE.

Reaktor Health specializes in building digital solutions with healthcare service providers in Europe. Reaktor Health helps healthcare operators improve their services and interaction with patients, delivers high-quality software solutions quickly, supports product launches, and strengthens its clients’ competitiveness.