Lumoral: Significant steps in antibacterial oral care research

The Finnish oral care innovation Lumoral is of great interest to the academic world, and several new Lumoral studies have been launched in recent months. Koite Health Ltd’s Clinical Project Manager Mikko Kylmänen shares his thoughts on the latest Lumoral clinical studies in this article. 


In November 2023, we started a Lumoral study in Lund, Sweden, focusing on fixed orthodontic appliances. This Koite Health sponsor study is a randomized clinical trial involving 40 young subjects. The measurements of the study are performed by dentist and doctor of odontology Ann-Marie Roos Jansåker, specialized in periodontology, in collaboration with specialist dentist Katja Elses. The clinical measurements will be made blinded, so that the investigator does not know whether a participant is using Lumoral or not. 


In January-February 2024, three new academic randomized Lumoral studies will start:

HEALTHIER: The study evaluates the effectiveness of Lumoral in the treatment of peri-implantitis. The study is conducted at a private clinic, Södertandläkarna, in Stockholm, Sweden, and a total of 80 subjects will participate.


LumOsteo: The study investigates the effect of Lumoral on the prevention of complications related to implant installation. The study is conducted at Hammaslääkärit Eteläranta 10 dental clinic in Helsinki, Finland, and a total of 40 subjects will participate.


Tartu University Dental Student Crossover Plaque Study: The study compares two different oral hygiene practices and their impact on oral health. The study is conducted in Tartu, Estonia, and has two test groups. Half of the participants will use Lumoral at the beginning, and after a break of two weeks, the groups switch: one half uses Lumoral, the other does not. This provides comparison results at both group and individual level. The study participants are healthy young adults.


On the innovation front,  Lumoral studies have received approval for one thousand recruitable subjects, which indicates that researchers in the field are interested in this new approach to oral care. In 2024, the majority of Lumoral studies will be conducted by academic research groups, which is most encouraging.


– Studies with the Lumoral method open up new possibilities for the development of oral care. Our company is proud to promote health and well-being through innovative solutions. We continue to work closely with the research community and look forward to potential applications of Lumoral in the future, says Mikko Kylmänen, Research Manager at Koite Health Oy.


– It is great to see how much interest researchers are showing in Lumoral studies. In 2024, a large part of the Lumoral studies will be conducted by academic research groups, he continues.


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