Koite Health Collaborates with Innodent Trading: Revolutionizing Dental Care in Thailand with its Lumoral Technology

In the field of dental care, changes are constant as fresh ideas shape the industry. A recent collaboration agreement between Finland’s Koite Health Ltd and Trading Co., Ltd. from Thailand is set to revolutionize dental care standards by introducing innovative light-activated technology to the country.

Founded in 2017, Innodent has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge dental solutions to Thailand’s healthcare sector. Driven by a commitment to leverage the latest advancements in high-tech solutions, the company aims to provide the most innovative technologies to the dental industry. This strategic vision led to a partnership with Koite Health, and the introduction of Lumoral, a Finnish med-tech innovation, to the dental market in Thailand.

– The introduction of Lumoral to Innodent’s product portfolio was the result of a personal recommendation from Dr. Hildebrand, a renowned maxillofacial surgeon from Berlin. Dr. Hildebrand’s successful clinical experiences with Lumoral convinced the team at Innodent to explore this revolutionary technology further, explains Thomas Constantin, CEO and owner of Innodent Trading Co., Ltd.

Lumoral: an innovative personal healthcare device

So, what exactly is Lumoral, and how does it work? Mr. Constantin reminds that the close link between oral bacteria and overall health and well-being is an important factor that sparked interest in the Finnish oral health-enhancing innovation in the first place.

– Oral bacteria can cause dental caries and bad breath but there can also be more severe secondary effects such as cardiovascular diseases, dementia, psoriasis and many more. Overall health starts with a healthy mouth. It is therefore important to regularly clean the mouth thoroughly.

Lumoral is an innovative personal healthcare device designed to remove 99.9% of harmful oral bacteria while preserving the healthy mouth flora. Traditional oral hygiene methods can only remove approximately 60% of bacteria, leaving behind a significant risk of oral health issues, Thomas explains.

Lumoral’s advanced technology utilizes color molecules in its Lumorinse mouth rinse, which adhere to harmful oral bacteria attached to teeth surfaces and gum tissue in the mouth. Subsequently, the light emitted by the mouthpiece reacts with the green sensitizer, effectively breaking down the cell membrane of bacteria and destroying them both from inside and outside. This method ensures the eradication of harmful bacteria without the risk of resistance development.

Long-term benefits for implant patients

The addition of Lumoral to Innodent’s product portfolio aligns with the company’s focus on dental implantology, with a specialization in ceramic implants. While the industry predominantly utilizes titanium implants, scientific evidence suggests a significant risk of peri-implantitis, an inflammation of the tissues surrounding these metal implants, over time.

– Lumoral presents a solution to mitigate this risk, offering long-term benefits for implant patients, Constantin says.

Furthermore, Lumoral’s versatility extends beyond implant care, offering benefits for individuals with various oral health concerns, including chronic bad breath, gum disease, and orthodontic patients wearing braces or clear aligners.

– This accessibility makes Lumoral an invaluable addition to Innodent’s offerings, catering to a diverse range of dental needs in Thailand.

– The great advantage of Lumoral however, is that everyone benefits from removing harmful oral bacteria. Whether you are wearing braces or clear aligners, suffer from chronic bad breath, gum disease or simply want to have a perfectly clean and healthy mouth, Lumoral is your solution.

Promising prospects for both companies

The collaboration between Koite Health and Innodent holds promising prospects for both companies and dental patients in Thailand. Mr. Constantin says that for Innodent, this partnership marks a significant expansion into the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, enabling the company to reach individual consumers through online channels like their dedicated webshop.

– This shift opens new avenues for marketing and sales, enhancing accessibility to innovative dental solutions for patients across the country. Ultimately, the collaboration aims to raise awareness about oral health and its crucial role in overall well-being among the Thai population.

– By introducing Lumoral’s advanced technology to the market, Koite Health and Innodent are paving the way for a new era of dental care in Thailand, one that prioritizes prevention, innovation, and improved patient outcomes.