The Koite technology is highly effective against Streptococcus mutans bacteria widely considered to play a key role in the development of dental cavities. The KOITE® method can kill 99.9% of the S. mutans bacteria with just 2 minutes of application. The most effective outcome can be achieved through regular use. Even a daily application is safe and feasible. We demonstrated the effectiveness of continuous use in laboratory conditions by comparing the gold standard Chlorhexidine (0.12% CHX, 0.2%NaF) antibacterial treatment with the KOITE® method of S. mutans biofilm matured over 4 days .

The KOITE® method alone was ten times more effective than chlorhexidine when applied only once (notice the logarithmic scale in the chart). Because the KOITE® can be administered regularly, unlike Chlorhexidine, it offers dentists and dental hygienists a new tool to provide oral infection management and prevention. The Chlorhexidine can be added to the KOITE® treatment for a short term period to increase the bactericidal effect by another ten fold. This means, that if these treatments are combined, you can achieve an effect magnified 100 times located at the dental surfaces, where the two treatment modalities meet.

KOITE® far surpasses traditional photodynamic therapy in continuous treatment of cariogenic biofilms. We demonstrated the effect by treating S. mutans biofilms for 14 days with traditional PDT, KOITE® method and antibacterial blue light.

KOITE® is perfectly suited to continuous biofilm reduction and biofilm targeted killing of cariogenic (dental-decay causing) bacteria. KOITE® focuses on killing harmful bacterial build up of biofilms on tooth surfaces, and does not affect the good, healthy oral microbiome.